10 of the Most Beautiful Places in Canada for Spectacular Views


For me, a fantastic view isn’t necessarily a landscape, though it can be. It’s any scene that stops you in your tracks, puts a smile on your face or simply makes you gasp with wonder. I recently put together a list for U.S. News & World Report of some of the most beautiful places in Canada with spectacular views, and I wanted to share a version of it with you here.

At 150, Canada couldn’t look better. From the Yukon to New Brunswick and everywhere in between, the country is a treasure chest of unforgettable (and perhaps unexpected) views. The only problem will be deciding how to choose where to go. Here are just a few of the places you might want to consider.

Flying towards the toe of the Kaskawulsh Glacier at the point where the Slim’s River has run dry due to climate change. Photo: Susan Portnoy

Soaring snow-covered peaks, the world’s largest non-polar ice field, and the spectacular Kaskawulsh Glacier are just a few of the wonders to be found in the St. Elias Mountains in Kluane National Park and Reserve, a favorite stomping ground for campers, backcountry hikers and serious climbers. The best way to get a sense of the park’s breadth and beauty is to see it from above. Outfitter Icefield Discovery Tours offers the only flightseeing excursions from the turquoise waters of Kluane Lake to the toe of the Kaskawulsh Glacier and west to its source. One minute you’re over a summer landscape, and the next you feel as if you’re in the Arctic – all in the span of about 10 minutes. Weather permitting, you may even be able to land on an ice field.

***The best time to visit is from May to September.

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