7 Short Term Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica


Can you volunteer for a day in Costa Rica? Maybe, maybe not! Get the 411 HERE! ☆ Are you interested in exploring the paradise beaches of Costa Rica, but don’t want to get so attached to the sloths as to ever leave again? Great news: volunteering in Costa Rica is not a life-long commitment. More accurately: there are plenty of short-and-sweet term volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica in whatever field of study you want to play in.

While long-term volunteer opportunities are great for cultural immersion, there are perks to short-term volunteer positions: days fly by in the wink of an eye, boredom doesn’t exist, greater flexibility in placement. As there is no time to linger, the carpe diem spirit is strong as days are maximized with opportunities and events. Short-term volunteer placements also tend to be more project-based (build a school, plant 1,000 trees, clean a national park), so there is the satisfaction of seeing an entire mission play out. 

When it comes to short-term volunteer opportunities within long-term projects (re-growing land, increasing literacy, helping with elderly and youth), it is important to keep your eye on the long-term goal, contribute the skills that you possess, and know your contribution in the final picture. You can’t teach a child to read in one week, but your alphabet jingle will become a big part of their journey. Similarly, it’s difficult to rebuild an entire forest in two days, but the trees that you do plant become forever rooted in the rainforest ecosystem forever.

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