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What We Do/Scope of Work

Easy Travel Advisor removes your stress and concern for trip planning. We provide the experience, research, organizing, and scheduling of the numerous components for your trip. Our concierge receives current destination information from local research resources and then together we create a detailed itinerary that contains all that you want for your ultimate vacation.

If They Have a Travel Agent

We are not a travel agency; we are specialists who collaborate with your agent to schedule and personalize your itinerary with our local destination’s knowledge to enhance your experience.

If There is No Travel Agent

We are not a travel agency, so we are not limited to the travel products or affiliations they have. If you have a dream vacation, see a trip on a website, find a brochure, or even using a travel agency, we listen, then enhance and personalize the trip to your specifications and requirements.

We anticipate allocating 4-5 hours of our concierges’ time to make your vision a reality. Your destinations, preferences, requirements, interests, budget, and any special needs will be respected. We will evaluate attractions, tours, entertainment, dining options, and events. With knowledgeable organization and scheduling, all the wasted time, long waiting lines, and confusion are eliminated.

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We present a detailed day-by-day schedule with all the vital details of your trip downloaded to your phone or tablet. Your daily itinerary will appear in a graphic format with updates as required. Included will be detailed walking time maps and transportation choices with precise directions to your selected destinations. We consider time and distance when coordinating various transportation options.

In addition, we will provide you with updated travel tips, recommendations, and local hints and scams, to allow you to travel comfortably and worry-free. Together we will design your trip, and you will receive more than you anticipate.

Travel planning is a full-time occupation. Our advisors are specialists who receive access to updated destination information. They will deliver a unique personalized experience for your designated time and budget. You are spending many thousands of dollars on your trip; do you want to jeopardize it by neglecting or omitting crucial details?

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You should now recognize the benefits a knowledgeable professional travel designer can offer. Our objective is for you to receive total satisfaction by delivering a luxury, personalized, concierge-provided, world-class vacation experience.

We are now ready to create your personalized vacation. An informed advisor with updated destination information will begin the conversation, ask questions, and offer options and suggestions for all that you want. During the planning phases, you will have several opportunities to add, delete, and adjust the scheduling.

The fee is only $299.00 for your entire individualized itinerary. This includes the hours of consultation, qualified planning, detailed scheduling, adjustments, and updates. Our advisors will eliminate weeks of tedious research, Google searches, decision making, and scheduling on your part, where one error or omission can ruin your entire trip. Our mission is to ensure your total satisfaction.

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During the next phase of our process, we will discuss all you would like and want to do on this trip, then present a daily proposal summary. After your approval, we start scheduling and making the arrangements. Which will be updated again with the most current data two (2) weeks before you travel. No one else provides this.

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If they don’t say anything, or they turn negative, mention that we accept all the major credit cards and PayPal.
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If they start to stall, by saying that they must think about it or discuss it with others, or that sounds high; Ensuring the perfect vacation using an informed advisor who receives current data is a small percentage of your anticipated budget. Would you rather purchase a packaged travel product than spend weeks trying to plan all aspects yourself or have a personalized and memorable trip designed with your objectives?
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Preplanning all aspects of your trip is required with the ever-changing restrictions, and limited access to attractions, events, and restaurants. We eliminate all the uncertainty, concern, and confusion. Let’s work together and create your dream.

We accept all the major credit cards and PayPal. I can process your credit card over the phone.

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Your cost of travel increases as we get closer to the departure date, and the preferred choices are decreased. Can you make your decision now?

How much time will you require before making your decision? Don’t say another word until they reply.

If the answer is a stall, uncertain or negative

When you decide to move forward, then get back to us (or your travel advisor) via phone or email. We won’t contact you.

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We are sincerely grateful for your consideration. You will receive an email with an attached itinerary that we prepared for someone else. Review it with any others who are traveling to appreciate the detailed value we add.

Thank you.