You receive ALL the booking commissions, fees, including additional commission payments from us that are paid soon after the client pays.

You save hours of intensive, boring travel research and continued questions, and acquire more time to sell travel.

Your FIT clients receive individualized itinerary preparation with detailed planning, customized to their specifications, budget expectations, requests, special needs, and capabilities to any global destinations selected. Each itinerary is prepared by an experienced concierge in collaboration with local knowledge resources with whom we have developed trusted relationships.

Easy Travel Advisor (ETA) collaborates with you and your client to create a personalized concierge worry-free travel experience at a very affordable price. We are NOT a travel agency and do not book any travel, accommodations, or activities.

  • A personalized itinerary developed by a partnership between you, your client, and our qualified concierge with the latest input from locals at the destinations.
  • It takes 4-5 hours of consultation, communication, and research to personalize each trip. We then deliver it in a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary format including walking time maps and public transportation information with precise directions to your selected destinations using our mobile app downloaded directly to your phone and tablet or in a PDF.
  • We eliminate wasted time, questions, and confusion for your clients with our research, preparation, and scheduling. By considering ALL the details and arrangements, we ensure your clients’ complete satisfaction. We find out what is open, which restaurants are impressing the locals and who is offering the highest level of service and security.
  • Our mission is to provide a better travel experience and complement your expertise. We take pride in saving you time and energy, adding intangible value to your clients’ journey.

The fee is $299.00 for developing the entire experience. That is not per person, it can be up to 6 people. Included are all the consultation, research, recommendations, and organizing all the details to ensure your clients’ satisfaction. Then making the arrangements and presenting the finished product with the necessary updates. If we are planning a trip for 4 people for 10 days, the cost is less than $8.00 per day per person.

We ask your client to pay the fee for all the work and preparation and define the added value. Our fee is requested during the initial communication. You do not have to ask for a consultation fee, that is part of what we provide. If your client after speaking with our destination knowledgeable advisor, feels it is not for them, you still book their trip and receive the payments, the way you normally would. On occasion, for a large expenditure by your client which requires detailed planning and time, or a destination the agent has no familiarity, the agents have volunteered payment.

Yes! Each itinerary is one-of-a-kind designed for your client. We consider their tastes and preferences, who they are traveling with, what their budget is, what they’re interested in doing and seeing, dietary restrictions, physical limitations, their ideal pace of travel, and so much more to build the perfect experience. We anticipate including all the attractions and activities they can fit in.

  • Many agents love the creative process of planning their client’s trips, but there are a few reasons why you should have us do it instead.
  • We pay you a commission and you avoid wasting valuable hours that you can be selling or prospecting new clients.
  • Creating a great itinerary takes many hours of your valuable time. Planning travel logistics can be difficult and time-consuming. Organizing it all together, maximizing your clients’ limited time, and mapping out how far one place is from another, how best to get there, what’s open when, how long to spend in each spot, and whether you’ll need tickets in advance? That’s the difficult part, and that’s what we do! We take all your ideas, add your clients’ input to landmarks, attractions, events, and restaurants they must visit, and optimize their time so that they can do it all.
  • Our consultants discuss, then recommend attractions, dining, theatre, events, spas, and tours (some commissionable to you), based on current intel from our local resources. The customized itinerary includes valuable hints, destination wisdom, travel tips, public transportation information, walking time maps, precise directions to their selected destinations, and much more.
  • Eliminate reading all the reviews and forum sites and connect with a professional concierge. One of our Advisors who takes the time to listen to your client and then finds the places to please their taste. Would you rather read a review from an anonymous source on the internet or an expert you can trust, who has experience planning hundreds of unique trips in that destination plus, access to a global network of locals?

Yes! We encourage your client to let our concierge know of any existing plans, must-see sights they have in mind, or day trips and visits to out of the way areas. Once they receive their itinerary, we welcome request edits and updates.

No problem! We try to anticipate all circumstances. We attempt to accommodate and plan for everyone. If your client is traveling with young children, pets, a wheelchair-bound person, someone with special needs, dietary restrictions, or limited capabilities. We ask these questions and then adjust the itinerary.

For large groups (more than 8 travelers), we do charge a small additional fee to account for the added complexity and time it takes to schedule arrangements for a large group.

You are the travel agent. We do not book flights or hotels. That is what you do, and you receive all the commission and fees.  We might recommend local and destination transportation options or suggest alternate arrangements (for which you book and earn the commission).

Certainly. A table for how many at what time? Our concierge takes care of it all for your client. We will even make recommendations from our local resources if they want us to.

Yes! We would be happy to consult on the ideal destination and make suggestions and recommendations after communicating with your client. Call us and enjoy a free consultation with one of our travel experts.

The more you and they share with us, the better the trip planning will be. We will ask key questions about their travel preferences, likes, and dislikes. The answers will ensure how we can customize their dream. We will inquire if they are an independent, group, or customized tour person, a leisurely traveler, an adventurer, and dining choices, and much more. Whatever the answers, we will offer solutions.

Absolutely. This is the ideal time to initiate travel planning. We do not require the actual dates of transportation or accommodation reservations. We can remove the burden of you reviewing trips that will require revisions. Your client and our advisor can discuss the details of the locations they wish to travel, create an outline, so you can book everything as restrictions are lifted. The people who plan early will find fewer tourists at the destinations.

Because every itinerary is handcrafted to your client’s unique preferences, and ever-changing local restrictions, please allow up to 7-10 business days turnaround to receive their trip itinerary.

Some exceptions apply: every additional 24 hours it takes to confirm important information for our concierge (including the travel and accommodation requests), will result in a corresponding 24-hour delay in receiving the itinerary.
If you’re in a last-minute pinch (within 72 hours of the start of your trip), you can go ahead and submit a request and we’ll get back to you ASAP to confirm if we can do it for you. If we can, there will be a charge for an additional RUSH fee of $100.00 for the trip. If we cannot, we will immediately issue a full refund.

Several of the OTA’s and larger travel agency groups are now starting to offer expanded itinerary and trip planning services for additional fees. They require the client to fill out forms that are limited and do not take into consideration all that the client wants and expects. They then assign agents who might have previous experience in limited destinations.

Yes. We will download their itinerary to an iPhone or Android, phone, or tablet. Once they download the app, they will be able to view it complete with, travel tips, offline walking maps, and public transportation options. Our concierge advisor can also send a PDF version.

We guarantee that your client will have an exceptional experience using our itinerary planning with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our concierge Advisors and our local network of resources attempt to continually be alert to the world-wide travel regulations, local conditions, destination rules, lockdown mandates, and the ever-changing environment.

But mistakes can still happen, and while we only prepare itineraries for places we have thoroughly vetted, researched, and experienced ourselves, or have received the most current information, traveling by nature and especially now, has some unavoidable uncertainties.

Here are specific circumstances in which we will work with you to make it right.

After requesting a trip, but before answering follow-up questions:

If your client decides they will not be taking the trip or their plans have changed due to COVID-19 restrictions or any circumstances, we will refund them in full. Please allow 7-10 business days after their request for the refund to be processed.

After our Concierge Advisor has delivered your client’s itinerary, but before their trip:

Our team will work with your client to update and rework their itinerary until they and you are satisfied. We are 100% confident that we can revise and create a travel plan under the continuing circumstances that will please.

If you and they feel we will not be able to meet their needs, we will offer them a $100.00 refund. You will be charged back for your commission if it has been paid. All we ask is that they have a quick 10-15-minute phone call with one of our managers to understand what went wrong. Once we do, we will promptly process the full refund (please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to reflect on their credit card statement).

Trip cancellations:
We are unfortunately unable to refund any planning service fees due to any trip cancellations. If the trip is delayed due to any extenuating circumstances, we will rearrange the itinerary for free. If the trip is postponed for the foreseeable future, let us know when they are heading there next and we will update the itinerary for those new dates