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    Travel Planning is a Separate and Specialized Profession
    Knowledgeable Designers Assure Your Satisfaction

    Receive ultimate value and accomplish everything within your budget

    We support you to “plan my trip” for any kind of travel anywhere; pre-and-post cruise, FIT, family, honeymoon,
    specialty, sustainability, wellness, adventure, and disability travel.

    What Do We Do?

    Our trip designing concierge creates your individualized daily itinerary that integrates all you want to see and do, after querying your requirements, preferences, interests, and budget.We discuss all aspects of your travel, your preferred pace to your food choices. You maximize your limited time, eliminate inconvenience, getting lost, long lines, spending extra money, and any confusion, and concern.

    Why Use Us?

    We make travel planning easy for you. You are rewarded with a stress and hassle-free personalized experience for minimal cost, while never omitting, or forgetting the important details.Our collaboration with local resources, utilization of technology, and access to proprietary knowledgebases provide an extraordinary experience that exceeds all your expectations and dreams.

    What Is The Cost?

    $299 to create your entire trip. including all the consulting, preparation, and arranging of the itinerary into a daily schedule that’s downloaded onto an app with maps on your phone or tablet. There are no additional charges, except for extraordinary requests or very large groups.

    Who Are We?

    We are travel designing specialists with worldwide knowledge and expertise, working diligently to achieve your total satisfaction. We are not travel agents; we do not sell or book travel. You have the option to find the best deal and purchase your transportation, accommodations, and tours from any agency, or internet supplier. We add our knowledge and experience to make your trip exceptional.

    Why Are We Unique?

    You receive an outstanding, individualized experience within your budget, attaining benefits previously only available to affluent travelers who spend a great deal of money. We listen to you, then offer options and recommendations. Our objective is to produce and deliver the customized services and expertise that you and your companion desire

    How We Do It?

    We present relevant ideas, and options for scheduling, saving you weeks of frustrating research. Then we arrange the logistics, schedule, organize, and map everything in advance. Our concierge considers everything, how far one place is from another, and the best way to get there. Next, we decide each day, what’s open, when to go, how long to spend, and what reservations or tickets are required.

    Plan ahead – update later!


    We review and update your itinerary with current information two weeks before traveling


    You receive the latest travel hints and tips, the easiest ways to get around, currency conversion info, local scams to look out for, disruptions at destinations, and much more.

    Personalized Itinerary containing your daily schedule
    is downloaded to an app on your phone.

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    • Discussing, preparing, and scheduling, your individualized itinerary is $299.
    • Includes a review and update of your schedule 2 weeks before you travel.
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    FAQs for Travelers

    Easy Travel Advisor (ETA) develops a detailed planning experience with worry-free travel to the destinations of your choice.

    You receive individualized preparation from a qualified concierge, with local knowledge assistance at a very affordable price.

    Save yourself hours of travel research and let our advisors personalize and customize your next vacation or trip to your specifications, budget expectations, special needs, and capabilities.

    Your Advisor will communicate and start a conversation asking you specific questions about your upcoming trip. You will discuss where you want to go, what you want to do and accomplish, and what it will take to make this vacation special.

    You’ll receive a draft of your daily travel itinerary to review and be able to request changes.

    Your Advisor who performs the duties of your personal concierge, suggests your activities, tours hotels, transportation, and even makes restaurant reservations.

    You enjoy an individualized, well planned, worry-free vacation. By using our app, walking time maps and public transportation information with precise directions to your selected destinations will come directly to your phone and tablet or in a PDF.

    The fee is $299.00 for the entire trip. That is not per person. Included is all the consultation involved, the research, recommendations, and planning all the details to ensure your satisfaction. Then making the arrangements and presenting the finished product with the necessary updates. If we are planning a trip for 4 people for 10 days, the cost is less than $8.00 per day per person.

    Yes! Each itinerary is one-of-a-kind designed for you. We consider your tastes and preferences, who you’re traveling with, what your budget is, what you’re interested in doing and seeing, dietary restrictions, physical limitations, your ideal pace of travel, and so much more to build the perfect Easy Travel experience. We anticipate including all the attractions and activities you can fit in.

    We hear it all the time. Many travelers love the creative process of planning their trips, but there are a few reasons why you should pay us to do it instead.

    1. Planning travel logistics can be hard: Dreaming up things to do and see is the fun part. (That’s what you do.) But putting it all together and mapping out how far one place is from another, how to get there, what’s open when, how long to spend in each spot, and whether you’ll need tickets in advance? Not so much. (That’s the hard part, and what we do.) We take all your ideas, from friends’ recommendations to landmarks you must visit, and optimize your time so that you can do it all.


    1. We’ll save you up to 36 hours (or more): The average person spends 10-40+ hours of travel planning. Instead of waiting on hold to obtain a restaurant reservation, communicating in a foreign language, or finding seats at the theatre or concert, leave it to us. Continue to appreciate your life and doing the things you enjoy until it’s time to take off.


    Eliminate reading all the reviews and forum sites and connect with a professional concierge. One of our Advisors who takes the time to listen to you and then finds the places to please your taste.  Would you rather listen to an anonymous source on the internet or an expert you can trust, who has experience planning hundreds of unique trips in that destination plus, access to a global network of locals?

    Yes! We encourage you to let your concierge know of any existing plans, must-see sights you have in mind, or day trips and visits to out of the way areas. Once you receive your itinerary, you’re welcome to request edits and updates.

    Absolutely. You can let your advisor know of any existing plans and they will accommodate while designing your itinerary or share that information after you are connected.

    No problem! We accommodate and plan for everyone. If your traveling with young children, pets, a wheelchair-bound person, someone with special needs, dietary restrictions, or limited capabilities. Let us know.

    You’ll also be able to share as much additional information as you need after you’re connected with your advisor.

    Yes. Please inform your advisor of the number of people in the group and any special requests.

    For large groups (more than 8 travelers), we do charge a small additional fee to account for the added complexity and time it takes to make arrangements for a large group. However, we can help negotiate group rates on your

    We don’t book flights. But our collaborating partners do. We cooperate with our partners to find the best transportation deals for you. If you want to build a trip around a cheap fare, or an internet special you found, that’s great. Just give us the flight information and we will create from there.

    No! We’re happy to recommend and in collaboration with our partners, have them book the perfect hotel for you.

    We’ve set up some amazing partnerships to not only give you access to the lowest rates (That means free upgrades where available, plus perks like free breakfast and more, depending on the property.

    We’ll also tell you if we think Airbnb will be a better option based on your budget and circumstances and can find your options there as well.

    Certainly. A table for how many at what time? Your concierge takes care of it all for you. We will even make recommendations if you want us to.

    Yes! We’d be happy to consult on the ideal destination and make suggestions and recommendations after communicating with you. Call us and enjoy a free consultation with one of our travel experts.


    The more you share with us, the better your trip will be. We’ll ask you key questions about your travel preferences, likes, and dislikes. Your answers will ensure we can customize your dream. Whether you’re a want to do it all or just lie on the beach. We will inquire if you’re a museum person, a leisurely traveler, or an adventurer. Whatever your answer, we’ve got you covered.

    Absolutely. This is the ideal time to initiate travel planning. We do not require the actual dates of transportation or accommodation reservations. We can remove the burden of you reviewing trips that will require revisions. You and our advisor can discuss the details of the locations you wish to travel, create an outline, so you can book everything as restrictions are lifted. The people who plan early will find fewer tourists at the destinations.

    Because every itinerary is handcrafted to your unique preferences, please allow up to 7-10 days to receive your trip itinerary (sometimes less!)

    Some exceptions apply: every additional 24 hours it takes to confirm important information for your concierge (including accommodation requests), will result in a corresponding 24-hour delay in receiving your itinerary.

    If you’re in a last-minute pinch (within 72 hours of the start of your trip), you can go ahead and submit a request and we’ll get back to you ASAP to confirm if we can do it for you. If we can, you’ll be charged an additional RUSH fee of $100.00 for your trip. If we can’t, we’ll immediately issue a full refund.

    Yes. We will download your itinerary to your iPhone or Android, phone, or tablet. Once you download the app, you will be able to view it complete with, travel tips, offline walking maps, and public transportation options. Your advisor can send you a PDF version.

    We guarantee that you will have an exceptional experience using our itinerary planning with a 100% money-back guarantee.


    Our concierge Advisors and our local network of resources attempt to continually be alert to the world-wide travel regulations, local conditions, destination rules, lockdown mandates, and the ever-changing environment.


    But mistakes can still happen, and while we only prepare itineraries for places we have thoroughly vetted, researched, and experienced ourselves, or have received the most current information, traveling by nature and especially now, has some unavoidable uncertainties.


    Here are specific circumstances in which we will work with you to make it right.

    After requesting a trip, but before answering follow-up questions:

    If you decide you will not be taking the trip or your plans have changed due to COVID-19 restrictions or any circumstances, we will refund you in full. Please allow 7-10 business days after the request for the refund to be processed.

    After our Concierge Advisor has delivered your itinerary, but before the trip:

    Our team will work with you to update and rework your itinerary until you are satisfied. We are 100% confident that we can revise and create a travel plan under the continuing circumstances that will please.


    If you feel we will not be able to meet your needs, we will offer you a $100.00 refund. We will promptly process the refund (please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to reflect on your credit card statement).


    Trip cancellations:
    We are unfortunately unable to refund any planning service fees due to any trip cancellations. If the trip is delayed due to any extenuating circumstances, we will rearrange the itinerary for free. If the trip is postponed for the foreseeable future, let us know when they are heading there next and we will update the itinerary for those new dates.