It took my fourth visit to Australia for me to make it north.

To make it to what is arguably the country’s most iconic attraction. 

The Great Barrier Reef. 

For a long time, I had little interest in seeing it. Let’s be honest, I’m not the best in water. I tend to get seasick from just glancing at a rolling wave, and my snorkeling attempts have always ended in disaster (see: me swallowing everything in Maldives, flashing my tour group in the Cook Islands, getting washed out to sea in Mozambique). Why would I prioritize seeing a destination where absolutely everything about it is crying out for me to get out on the water?

And plus, wasn’t the Great Barrier Reef supposed to be dying? What was the point in spending a ton of money to see an ocean full of dead coral?

No, I had far greater priorities for my time in Australia. Like road tripping in Tasmaniaeating brunch in Melbourne, and beach-hopping across New South Wales. 

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