New York – autumnal cycling around New York’s iconic Central Park, USA Read more.

Visit New York’s iconic Central Park in Autumn and enjoy stunning red and brown hues of the foliage as you cycle around the park’s tranquil gardens and walkways.

By Suzanne Baum – Sep 16, 2019

New York on wheels may put your head in a spin – from the traffic jams to the busy subway, commuting in the city is far from a relaxing journey. That was my mind-set before our latest visit to the Big Apple, when I discovered the two-wheeled kind was in fact not only a great way to explore my surroundings, but travelling on bike also gave me a different perspective of this incredible city.

Bike tours are a great way of touring a city

I’ve done bike tours in Paris and Barcelona – but I couldn’t imagine it would be enjoyable in New York where the hustle and bustle of the city is all encompassing. How wrong I was! Admittedly, it wasn’t a ride across Times Square or even down Fifth Avenue that I was attempting but a tour of Central Park – which may sound slightly less hectic. Even so, with hundreds of things to do in the park and a reported 40 million visitors a year, it is still buzzing with activity.

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