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Our experienced concierge, collaborating with local contacts provides you with additional income and your client with an outstanding itinerary.

Your FIT clients benefit from a pre-planned, personalized itinerary that includes local knowledge with details, and travel tips using a mobile app to assist them at the destinations of their choice.

What’s in it for you?

You book all the travel, accommodations, attractions, activities, entertainment and events and you receive all the fees and the entire commission. Our consultants will communicate and upsell your clients for you. Plus, you receive a commission from our work.

How do we assist you?

Your advisors can do what they are paid for, sell travel. We do all the tedious, hard work. Our global concierge network has local knowledge and can assist you with travel destinations and areas your advisors have little or no experience with.

What do we provide?

We provide your client with an individualized, thoroughly researched, detailed itinerary containing valuable local tips and up to date information for the trip, you are selling. Your clients receive their itinerary in an easy to read step by step format via a mobile app.

Our local network develops detailed data for the itinerary.

We make partnering easy…

The preparations

You book the entire trip. We are not a travel agency. After communicating with you and your client, our concierge devotes a minimum of 4-5 hours preparing, planning, organizing, and scheduling all the arrangements and reservations of the itinerary.

This includes all the tedious upfront research, phone calls, and detail work personalizing the itinerary and maximizing their limited time.

The arrangements

Does your client want something special?  We recommend attractions, dining, theatre, events, and tours and make their reservations for restaurants.

The customized itinerary will include valuable hints, local knowledge, travel tips, public transportation information and, walking time maps. All with precise directions to their selected destinations.

The benefits

Our fee for the entire individualized itinerary is only $299 and, it is commissionable to you. You refer your client and we will discuss the value. Our experienced consultant will remove the burden of hours of detailed, extensive research, and continued questions to your advisors during and after the sale that bog them down.

We provide a service guarantee and keep no data on your client after the trip.

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