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We are all concerned with the effect the world-wide spread of Coronavirus will have on our business.

Easy Travel Advisor believes it’s crucial to provide you with a free online resource of accurate, constantly updated information.

Your clients expect you to furnish current knowledge of the danger areas, and you should review this data while providing their travel booking. It will demonstrate your agency cares enough to take an additional step for your client’s welfare.

We will continue to update and add to our data sources. If you find any reliable authority that we can add to this list, please contact me, by email at advisories@easytraveladvisor.com, or using my direct number, (772) 260-2139. Our objective is to provide the latest and most accurate information.

Our mission is to provide you and your clients with beneficial, relevant information to provide for safe, easy travel.

Latest Coronavirus Updates Below

(Check back often as these are constantly updated).

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