Questions for local associates

Attention Local Associates. This is the market research we require answers to. Please do your research and then complete this online form.




Local Associate Information


Place of Residence:

  1. What are the best neighborhoods for visitors to stay in?
  2. How far from the downtown area are each?
  3. What are the public transportation options in the city?
  4. Is public transportation available at night? Until what time?
  5. Are there published or on-line schedules and maps?
  6. Please list URL:
  7. Is there a bus or tram that provides the best overview of the area for a tourist?
  8. Are rideshare services available in the city?
  9. What are the best attractions to visit? List the approximate time to spend at each.
  10. Please list any admission charges.
  11. Please list any foreign discounts.
  12. What are the most famous attractions?
  13. Please list any admission charges.
  14. What are the hidden gems?
  15. Please list any admission charges.
  16. Are there physical limitations to access any of the above? (long walk, steep climb, etc.)
  17. Where is Wi-Fi available?
  18. Name the best day trips and the best way to get there.
  19. What are the tourist attractions you would recommend?
  20. A tourist comes to visit your area, list your suggestions with a schedule of what they should do:
  21. Day 1.
  22. Day 2.
  23. Day 3.
  24. Are there areas tourists should avoid?
  25. Day?                         Night?
  26. Are you aware of any local scams?
  27. What is the currency used?
  28. Will the banks change foreign currency?
  29. If not, where are the best places to exchange money?
  30. Are credit cards accepted in most establishments?
  31. What hours are most restaurants open and close?
  32. Lunch: Dinner:
  33. What is the primary language spoken?
  34. Percentage of locals who speak English.
  35. Do the shops, attractions, restaurants close during the day? Or any day of the week?
  36. Do the museums charge an entrance fee? How much?
  37. Is the tap water safe to drink?
  38. What are the most popular local beers and ales?
  39. What are the local drinks a tourist should try?
  40. What are the local specialties to eat?
  41. List the restaurants you would recommend for them
  42. Approximate entrée price.
  43. What are some of the other recommended restaurants?
  44. What are some of the recommended breakfast places?
  45. What are some of the suggested lunch places?
  46. What are some of the recommended coffee shops?
  47. What and where can you find Street food?
  48. The best description of the above.
  49. What are some of the recommended pubs/bars/cafes?
  50. Local nighttime activities, entertainment, clubs, bars for 50 plus years of age demographic.
  51. Any theatre, shows, opera, you would recommend for a foreign visitor?
  52. Are there entrance fees, cover charges?
  53. Could you assist our clients with reservations, if requested?
  54. Please list the five most popular local blog sites (preferably aimed at age 40 or older demographic)
  55. Any other information a tourist should know?