Sustainable Travel Tips

Unmanaged tourism can damage cultural sites. Visitors can make a difference. Travel responsibly with these ten simple guidelines.

  1. Know the History Before you travel, read up on the history and culture of your destination. Use the internet to get leads on local specialties and off-the-beaten-path sites from locals and other travelers. Learn a few basic phrases in your destination’s local language.
  2. Reduce Your (Carbon) Footprint Walking, biking, and trekking or exploring one place in-depth is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. At urban destinations, walk or take public transit whenever possible. You’ll see more and avoid getting stuck in rush-hour traffic!
  3. Be Eco-Friendly Conservation should always be on a traveler’s mind: whatever helps the environment, such as recycling or staying in an eco-friendly hotel, also protects heritage.
  4. Respect the Local Culture Show respect for and interest in the local culture. At sacred sites, dress modestly, speak softly and be mindful of people who are there to worship. Seek out local celebrations and festivals – they can provide a unique glimpse into the local culture and are a fun way to meet locals, sample traditional foods, and learn about your destination’s heritage.

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