The Often-Overlooked Role Travel Advisors Play in the Path to Responsible Tourism

While it’s more obvious that hotels, airlines, and cruise lines have a big impact on sustainable tourism, travel advisors wield influence too. How they guide clients in the choices they make has ramifications for the health of the travel industry, as well as for the planet. — Maria Lenhart

While hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and destinations are under increasing pressure to implement sustainability practices, where do travel advisors fit in the movement toward responsible tourism?

Pointing to the influence that travel advisors have over their clients’ choices, sustainable travel experts say travel advisors can and should play a leading role.

“Responsible tourism is everyone’s job, not just the hotels and airlines, but travel advisors too,” said Susan Sweeney, a tourism digital marketing expert who led a session at the recent Ensemble Travel Group International Conference about the travel advisor’s role in sustainable tourism.

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